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  • Lydia Pierce

Kieran Upadrasta Offers Superior Quality Cybersecurity Consultancy Services

Cybersecurity consultant Kieran Upadrasta is pleased to announce that he is now available to provide high-quality, streamlined, and efficient cybersecurity consultancy services at reasonable prices. Kieran prides himself on his 25 years of experience in business analysis, consulting, technical security strategy, architecture governance, threat assessment, risk management, and security analysis.

Every organization faces its set of challenges, from regulations to rules to highly advanced security threats. Irrespective of company size, one-on-one counsel from a dedicated cybersecurity consultant is often integral to keeping pace.

With Kieran’s skills and expertise, he aims to provide a no-compromise solution that gets rid of new hire commitments while providing top-notch executive-level counsel needed t succeed. He works alongside management to best align security practices and policies with business goals to advance his client’s operational goals.

Kieran Upadrasta is a cybersecurity architect, information security consultant, and risk manager with more than two decades of experience working in a wide array of industries. He is also experienced in incident response, crisis management, critical and major incident management, stakeholder management, as well as mapping requirements and management.

According to Kieran, “With an ever-changing threat landscape, it becomes a necessity to evaluate the present state and determine an adapting and evolving cybersecurity posture for an organization. As a dedicated consultant, I have in-depth knowledge of vertical-specific requirements, regulatory landscape, new threat vectors, and resiliency needs to help determine the ideal cybersecurity posture, which is at the foundation of my work.”

Kieran is aware that more and more businesses report having cybersecurity breaches each year. Security breaches are a massive threat to organizations of all sizes and types, and yet most business owners do not realize their company is at risk of a breach that could lead to massive revenue loss and reputation damage.

By hiring Kieran as a cybersecurity consultant, organizations will receive a bespoke cybersecurity strategy that will keep their business safe from security risks to rest assured their company’s future is safe.

As a proficient cybersecurity consultant, Kieran Upadrasta is his client’s trusted go-to partner, bringing advanced experience in the current threat landscape. His consulting services back organizations with years of expertise working on projects for some of the globe’s biggest companies.

“As you protect your hardware and computers from malware, you strengthen equipment longevity and postpone replacement costs. As you elevate consumer confidence, you can also better attract and retain new business,” said Kieran Upadrasta.

Kieran is CISSP, CISM, and CRISC qualified, a cyber defense task force member, an InfoSec researcher, a university gold medalist, policy advisor, and expert witness.

He also specializes in Governance, Policy Standards, Risk Management, Threat Management, Vulnerabilities Management, Strategic Planning, Data Loss and Access Management, Cloud Platforms, Automation, and many more.


By Lydia Pierce


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