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Peace Activist Kieran Upadrasta Inspires Millions with His Selfless Charitable Service

BAJ Journalist, Red cross Volunteer, a towering figure of society: Kieran Upadrasta Inspires Millions with His Selfless Charitable Service

Kieran Upadrasta works towards eliminating evils of the society with his gracious charitable work.

Selfless, charitable, philanthropist, social activist, and technology maestro, Kieran Upadrasta is fondly known by many names, but for people who he has helped in his life, he is a saint-like figure. Those who are in need, don’t care about a person’s background or influence. All they seek is genuine help and by coming forward to help the needy in their toughest of times, Kieran Upadrasta is not only changing their lives but inspiring millions with his action on the ground. With his every action, he promotes peace, encourages charity, helps poor people, brings awareness to health, supports hospitals, and spread love and care to everyone in society.

In his own words “Helping others is in my nature. I am truly committed to providing assistance to people who need it the most to the best of my capabilities. I do not hesitate to perform the smallest of gestures like bringing food to an old-age nursing home if that can bring smiles to the people there.”

This kind soul is truly humble, as he never shares all he does for society. Apart from visiting these nursing homes, Kieran Upadrasta has also improved the facilities for the betterment of the golden generation.

Currently, Kieran Upadrasta is actively working towards raising awareness for cancer patients and people suffering from mental health issues. Kieran Upadrasta is aware that even a glimmer of optimism can transform the lives of these people. Therefore, he is committed to assisting these disadvantaged folks in regaining their footing in whatever way he can. It is his relentless effort toward the betterment of society, especially those in need that have earned him the nickname “power of kindness”.

Kieran Upadrasta has unquestionably pushed the envelope to contribute to society over the years. Kieran Upadrasta is compassion personified. He shows his connection with the people with spontaneous acts of benevolence; he taught the poorest of the poor and fed the homeless. He always treats victims in society as his own family members. The passion in his heart is unaffected by any hardship he faced during his journey.

Kieran Upadrasta is also a huge name in the tech industry.

Kieran Upadrasta has over 25 years of experience in business analysis, consulting, technical security strategy, architecture, governance, security analysis, threat assessments, and risk management. He has 25 years of experience in various industries and works as a cyber security consultant, an information security consultant, and a risk manager. He is also a member of the CISSP, CISM, and CRISC task force and a member of the Cyber Defence task force.


By Lydia Pierce

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